2nd Charge mortgages typically suit clients looking to raise money that do not meet all the criteria of the mainstream lenders or you don’t want to change their current mortgage. There can be multiple reasons for this such as having a poor credit history, the property not being standard construction, they have multiple income sources, failed mainstream affordability tests or just something as simple not being Self Employed long enough.

Your client might fit all of the mainstream lenders criteria but you decide it’s poor advice to remortgage due to Early Redemptions Penalties or they could lose a fantastically low rate they currently have.

Lenders limit those who can have direct access to their products but not only can we give you access we can also let you decide who provides the customer with the advice.

Smart Money have the expertise to find a solution for your clients that will meet their needs by using a range of innovative and exclusive products from our panel of lenders. This means we can normally find a solution for a wide range of scenarios.


*The lenders we have for loans over 85% all price on application – please call for details.

Rates From6.59%6.59%7.39%7.85%8.85%
Maximum Loan Amounts£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,000,000£500,000
Rates From10.29%***
Maximum Loan Amounts£500,000£75,000£50,000£25,000


LTV: 60%

Rates from: 6.59%
Maximum Loan Amounts: £1,000,000

LTV: 65%

Rates from: 6.59%
Maximum Loan Amounts: £1,000,000

LTV: 70%

Rates from: 7.39%
Maximum Loan Amounts: £1,000,000

LTV: 75%

Rates from: 7.85%
Maximum Loan Amounts: £1,000,000

LTV: 80%

Rates from: 8.85%
Maximum Loan Amounts: £500,000

LTV: 85%

Rates from: 10.29%
Maximum Loan Amounts: £500,000

LTV: 90%

Rates from: *
Maximum Loan Amounts: £75,000

LTV: 95%

Rates from: *
Maximum Loan Amounts: £50,000

LTV: 100%

Rates from: *
Maximum Loan Amounts: £25,000

  • Variable & Fixed Rates with or without ERC’s
  • Capital Repayment & Interest Only options
  • Any legal purpose
  • Self-Employed income accepted
  • Minimum 1 month employed
  • Minimum 12 months Self Employed
  • No income multiples
  • Numerous income types accepted including accountants projection/reference or tax calculations and overview, benefits, rental income plus many more
  • Desktop valuations
  • Adverse credit accepted
  • Equitable and 3rd charges available
  • UK Coverage
  • Most property types accepted including high rise flats & non-standard construction
  • Up to age 85 at end of term
  • You advise or we can advise
  • Lower rates than advertised can be achieved for lower LTV customers with perfect credit histories
  • Term 3-35 years
  • Minimum Loan amount £10,000
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