As a mortgage adviser you may be familiar with the range of products available to you from your Buy-to-Let providers.

However did you know that specialist Buy-to-Let Second Charge Loans are also available which may not appear on your usual panel?

If you have clients who are landlords and need to raise additional finance on their Buy-to-Let portfolio, a secured loan on their Buy-to-Let property could be the answer. There are now 2 classifications of a Buy-to-Let property:

  • Buy-to-Let which is a property that was specifically purchased to let out.
  • Consumer Buy-to-Let (CBTL) which is a property that may have been previously occupied by the owner or inherited.

At Smart Money irrespective of the type of Buy-to-Let classification we have access to all Buy-to-Let Second Charge Loans on the market and we’re confident that if we can’t place your enquiry with one of these specialist lenders, no-one can.

At Smart Money whether your enquiry is a Consumer Buy-to-Let or a Buy-to-Let enquiry, we have access to a huge amount of products available within the market and we're confident that if we can't place your enquiry with one of these specialist lenders, no-one can.

Buy-to-Let Property Types:

  • Any property type – including Semi-Commercial and ex local authority.
  • No minimum property valuation.
  • Property currently uninhabitable accepted.
  • No maximum property portfolio limitation.
  • Lending available in England, Scotland and Wales.

Buy-to-Let Income Proofs:

  • Rental coverage from 125%.
  • Rental opinion accepted for untenanted properties.
  • Rental income can be supplemented by employed / self employed income.

Further Key Features of our Buy-to-Let Second Charges:

  • Loans available from £10,000 – £2,000,000.
  • 3 - 35 year term.
  • First and second charges available.
  • Any legal purpose including tax bills and deposits to purchase other BTL properties.
  • Adverse credit accepted.
  • Ex-pats landlords accepted.
  • LTV up to 75%.
  • LTV up to 85% (CBTL only).
  • Equitable charges available.
  • Capital and interest only available.
  • No higher age limit upon application .

If you have Buy-to-Let property owners looking to raise finance please don’t hesitate to contact your preferred office now.