United Trust Bank are launching the UTB Nivo App which will allow customers to verify their ID securely using facial recognition by using a smartphone or tablet in under 90 seconds. This forward-thinking approach recognises how technology is advancing and how the industry is adapting by streamlining their processes. The new UTB Nivo app will speed up the process and reduce costs as there is no longer a need for Solicitors ID Certificates. Passports, Drivers Licenses and National ID Cards from 160 countries globally can be used to verify ID through the UTB Nivo App.

For clients who do not own a smartphone or tablet or who do not possess a Passport, Driving License or National ID Card, the old Solicitor Certified ID process can still be used. However, this will delay the process and having the inconvenience of physically visiting a Solicitor including additional costs.

At Smart Money we welcome this new adoption of technology and how it could improve the efficiency of the mortgage application process. As clients have busy working lives the demand for a more digitised process is growing, so clients can spend the time they do have for other priorities. If you have a second charge mortgage case you are struggling to place contact us today on 01829 730 554.

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