Smart Money Moves to New Home

Smart Money, the intermediary focussed second charge distributor, has announced it is moving to a new Head Office site in order to provide a more effective centre for the increase in its English and Welsh business.

The new office is in the Portal Business Park in Tarporley, Cheshire and provides nearly 1700 square feet on two floors and will comfortably provide Smart Money with the space it requires for further expansion over the next few years. Smart Money is unique in also having separate offices in Glasgow, dedicated to broker business in Scotland.

According to Director, Paul Crewe, the existing offices had provided great service, but the time to move had arrived when he realised that it was impossible to fit any more desks into the existing space.

He said, “ We really didn’t think we would fill the old office and it has really crept up on us as the business has accelerated over the last twelve months or so. It was not exactly a hazard to health the way we were packed in, but the new offices will give us a better environment for everyone as well as giving us much needed space for further staff expansion.”

Paul added, “It is easy to look back on the first five years and remember when it was just me and one other who started Smart Money. Now look at us. The business is well established and our introducers know that when they contact Smart Money, if their enquiry can be done, we will find the best way for client and lender.”

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