Second Charge Mortgage to raise money for BTL

Smart Money completes a second charge mortgage to raise money for a Buy-To-Let property.

One of our most recent cases the brokers client wanted to raise money to purchase a buy-to-let property. The solution was a second charge mortgage for £300k at an interest rate of 5.15% on their existing property. The most important factor was the client wanted to keep his existing first charge mortgage rate to avoid early repayment charges totalling £13K. The brokers client could have secured a further advance from their existing lender, however the second charge mortgage rate was lower saving the client interest over time. The need for a quick turnaround to access the funds was needed to secure the desired Buy-To-Let property.

We could work with your client to ensure the right outcome is achieved whilst providing you with updates, allowing you to focus on your core business. Or you can be more involved and provide the advice yourself leaving just the packaging to us

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