Second Charge Mortgage Case Study

Smart Money provides Second Charge Mortgage for client with adverse credit history within 15 working days from the initial enquiry.

We recognise perfection does not exist and when a re-mortgage is not feasible a Second Charge Mortgage could be the most suitable alternative. Working with our broad range of specialist lenders we match your client’s circumstances with the lender.

One of our most recent cases the client required £27K for a kitchen and bathroom refurbishment, garden landscaping and general decoration of their property, including to repay the clients partners credit card balance of £3K without increasing their monthly outgoings. The clients partner also had a default for a disputed mobile phone bill for £1500 and had an historic IVA for student unpaid debts. The clients were able to secure a Second Charge Mortgage and his partner could be added to the mortgage taking her income into consideration with her adverse credit history. The clients were accepted with our specialist lender at a fixed rate of 3.99% for 2 years.

We could work with your clients to ensure the right outcome is achieved whilst providing you with updates, allowing you to focus on your core business. Or you can be more involved and provide the advice yourself leaving just the packaging to us.

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