Bridging Finance can flourish in ‘most’ market cycles

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Written by Simon Nicholson

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Bridging Finance can flourish in ‘most’ market cycles

As we live in uncertain times and economic growth is minimal along with property price growth, you would expect the Bridging Finance sector to be on the slowdown. However, Bridging Finance remains buoyant reaffirming itself as a strong performing sector. As Bridging Finance continues to grow even though a decline from amateur landlords is now missing, professional landlords have made up more than enough. Professional landlords are now doubling down through acquisitions whilst prices are low.

Demand is strong for all loan categories; refurbishment bridges are a growing area due to landlords reinventing their portfolios using HMOs which offer strong yields. As a result, there is a lot of change of use – or heavy refurbishments.  Pressure is mounting for professional portfolio landlords from the private rented sector. Refitting and modernisation are essential hence the surge in demand for light refurb bridges. To conclude tenants who have decided they will be renting for life due to affordability issues are no longer prepared to accept dingy or average accommodation.

We can work with your clients to ensure the right outcome is achieved whilst providing you with updates, allowing you to focus on your core business. Or you can be more involved and provide the advice yourself leaving just the packaging to us.

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